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Removal and Prevention Tips for your Attic

We are all aware that mold can potentially harm the air quality in your attic, it can also trigger allergies.  So it’s important not only to detect mold in your attic early but also take action to avoid the problem becoming far more widespread.

Attic Mold Removal Costs

Attic mold removal costs will obviously vary depending on how extensive your mold infestation is and how easy your attic is to access with the machinery required to carry out the job. Obviously it’s impossible to provide an accurate cost for remediation of attic mold without seeing the extent of the damage first hand however if the problem isn’t widespread e.g. less than 10 x 10 square feet you can by law tackle the problem yourself. There are plenty of mold removal products available or you can use a water/bleach solution which is also known to be effective. Before attempting to tackle the problem yourself you should be aware of some basic safety precautions, you can find more in this article on DIY mold removal.

If the mold remediation isn’t confined to a small area of your attic you will need to consult a mold remediation company. An attic may be treated for as little as a thousand dollars if the effected area is relatively small. In extreme cases however such as very large attics where the damage is extensive your mold removal costs can be much significantly higher.

Controlling Mold in Your Attic

Why are attics such a problem when it comes to mold?

Your attic is an ideal place for mold to flourish. This is mainly due to a lack of proper ventilation, proximity to the ceiling (which may contain insulation which can have an impact on airflow) and often a lack of direct sunlight which inhibits mold. Basements have similar problems with mold for many of the reasons listed. There are a number of things you can do to limit the impact of mold in your attic including using a dehumidifier, ensuring even lighting by opening up windows where possible which will also increase air flow. It;s also important your soffits have good ventilation.

This video from Mold Busters outlines some of the complications you can experience and why mold can be a problem if detected in your attic. To summarize the key to controlling mold is to regularly maintain your attic, improve air flow and ventilation and if possible ensure even temperatures.

Other areas of the home impacted by mold

Areas of your home that have wall ducts and have developed mold will generally also need to be treated. It can cost anywhere from $2,000 up to $7,000 and beyond in extreme cases to get these problem areas treated. This may seem expensive but bear in mind it is best to deal with the problem as soon as possible as the cost will only increase as the mold becomes more widespread in your home.

The total cost for eliminating black mold if it spreads well outside of your attic can be much more expensive. It can cost at least $10,000 to get an entire home treated. This increases depending on how widespread and difficult to treat the infestation has become and of course depends on the size of the home to be treated.

DIY Attic Mold Removal

Is it possible to remove attic mold without engaging a professional? In some circumstances this is definitely the case. For instance a spot that is less than ten square feet in size can be treated on one’s own by scrubbing with bleach and drying the spot, please note however it is important that the person removing the mold is wearing appropriate protection such as a respirator mask at the very least. The area should also be sealed to stop mold spores spreading throughout the home after being initially disturbed.  Any spot larger than 10 feet square will require a professional service.

The cost to remove mold from an attic if removing yourself using a mold test kit may be less than a few hundred dollars. However, it is best to get a professional respirator in order to keep the mold from getting into one’s airways. It can cost about $200 to get such a respirator but it will be well worth the investment for peace of mind as mold can harm the lungs and irritate the eyes.

DIY Attic Mold Removal

A spot that is less than ten square feet in size can be treated without engaging a professional.

The key to reducing your removal cost is to detect mold early and ideally control the environment (keep the temperature even). If you do notice mold don’t let the problem become much larger, treating mold early will avoid it spreading throughout your home and keep your initial costs down.

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